Sound Agriculture is The Future

We resolve to remove the barriers to producing and marketing both Organic and Non-GMO large-scale commodities. We bring people together by empowering Farmers to produce Organic or Non-GMO commodities and remove obstacles to fair commodity transactions for Buyers by bringing quality Producers to list their crops in our Ag Marketplace.


“The idea is for Farmers to be able to maximize their land and play a role in the good seed to great nutrition ™ dynamic, meaning that we can be a force for good that stimulates change or progress within the agricultural system.”

Thea O’Carroll YieldOrganic, Founder, CEO & Farmer


Through our Ag Marketplace…

you set the price and verify the quality of your crop so all a buyer needs to do is pay.


Removes the ambiguity of price, timing and the time investment in marketing and selling your commodities. The barriers to producing and marketing both large-scale Organic or Non-GMO commodities no longer need to hold producers back from taking advantage of the changes organic agriculture has brought to farming.

The Ag Marketplace