Who Buys Your Organic Crops And What’s On Their Mind?


More and more brands are desiring domestically produced organic or organic and regeneratively grown crops ranging from field crops, herbs, and produce. Whether the buyer is a brand directly sourcing the crop, a buyer who is going to in some way process the crop into a packaged good, or maybe someone who is going to provide beautiful organic and regenerative feed for livestock, they are excited about what is being grown domestically.

Many brands have approached me directly, our paths cross at national events or we meet through introductions; the resounding theme in conversation is they have the desire to source domestically and are curious about how they can engage with farmers better. To either grow what they specifically are interested in, to help offer contracts to farmers for projects they are working on internally, and are curious about how they can adjust their supply chains to source more organic and regenerative volume domestically.

Brands engage with YieldOrganic, and in turn, farmers, through two distinct channels under the YieldOrganic umbrella; the Ag Marketplace and Ag Possible. The following are a couple of ways and reasons why they like to work with domestic farmers and us.

Ag Marketplace

An online solution to connect producers and buyers of Non-GMO, Non-GMO project verified, organic and/or regenerative crops that have been grown or have already been planted. A few of the benefits are:

  • Know the farmer is ready to sell, the listed price, and general location
  • Direct contact with the farmer
  • Ability to purchase at the price listed or negotiate on price and delivery dates
  • Quality Crops; GMO and mycotoxin panel test required on crops by a third-party certified lab before they are listed for sale

Ag Possible

Allows for a custom solution that provides a way for brands and buyers to engage with farmers. This venue is literally limitless and completely customizable to be able to provide unique business-specific solutions. The following are a few examples of current requests:

  • Several brands would like to expand their organic product line. They each have a need to contract with additional organic farmers to grow their custom grain in a specific region based around the ideal growing area and their processing facilities.
  • A brand is overhauling its entire supply chain and replacing it with their custom contracts for farmers to provide a dedicated organic supply of the crops they are desiring.
  • A brand is requiring a search for new custom growers to work with a program created by YieldOrganic to increase nutrient density, sequester carbon, increase biodiversity, and help farmers transition to organic and regenerative practices.   

We proudly work with both brands and producers to support and help keep American farmers on the farm and doing well.

Working hard to bring people together to channel opportunities to farmers and help solve sourcing issues for brands and buyers is our passion. Together we work to increase domestic organic and regenerative acres through removing barriers. For us, we have found that starts with a conversation.


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