Verifiable Crop Quality and What It Can Do For You


What does verifiable crop quality mean?


An example in a sentence: 

“I prefer to source my grains though YieldOrganic because it’s easy, safe, and I have a better idea of what I am buying because the verifiable crop quality is presented by the organic farmer before I make a purchase.”


Crop quality matters now more than ever because consumers not only want to know how a crop is being produced, but it’s quality. Utilizing third-party certified lab tests to validate the GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) concentration of a particular crop to remove the ambiguity during Ag transactions helps protect both farmers and buyers in a commodity transaction.

For organic farmers, knowing before they even plant, the industry quality standards they have to meet along with the comfort of using the verifiable crop quality process once the crop is harvested reduces the risk of rejection at the elevator or discounts taken before the crop even leaves the bin because the farmer knows the quality level they have produced.


With the partnership of organic farmers producing high quality crops and being informed with their verifiable crop quality numbers, organic grain merchandisers are able to source crops with a higher sense of confidence that what is being delivered to their drop off point is what they need in order to roll it into a consumable food or feed product. Overall helping grain merchandisers meet what end-consumers are requiring. 

In the U.S. the USDA NOP (National Organic Program) guidelines do not explicitly state GMO contamination levels that are required to be met in order to be certified as organic; however, most buyers follow the standards that have been set in Europe and are also followed as a Non-GMO Project verified standard.

  • < .90% GMO contamination level which is acceptable for food grade products.
  • < 5% GMO contamination for feed grade products.
  • In some areas, mycotoxins and especially aflatoxin in corn is an issue and should be tested for as well.

To keep the supply lines as pure as possible, it is essential to source quality crops. 

Consumers execute their preference through purchasing feed and food products through trusted quality seals like Non-GMO Project Verified and USDA Organic. 

The currency of the future in Agriculture is trust; and for us trusted transactions are open, transparent and allow for honest communication between both parties. This is accomplished by the organic farmer knowing before they market their organic crops the quality of what has been produced. That way organic grain merchandisers have a better idea up front of what they are buying and both the producer and buyer have more safety and confidence in what is being delivered. 


YieldOrganic is exceeding what is required during a commodity transaction. 

Having this level of testing allows organic grain merchandisers to dive deeper than the required USDA organic certification when sourcing commodities. It holds everyone accountable for both producing and sourcing high-quality commodities.

Farmers that work with YieldOrganic follow a simple, low-cost process:

Farmers send a sample of the crop to a third party certified lab and have them run a quantifiable report on the percentage of GMO contamination that may or may not be present in the sample.

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