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our host, Thea O’Carroll, the founder, CEO, and farmer behind YieldOrganic brings new and interesting topics each month by speaking with a variety of people across the United States.


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Tune in to learn, laugh and leverage insight into the opportunity and impact of growing organic.


Increasing Demand for Organic Feed Grade Crops

Hear the latest number of organic acres needed to keep up with demand.

Learning How to Read GMO Lab Reports with Brian Hodges from Midwest Labs

A tool farmers can use to help determine if their organic crops qualify to be marketed as either food or feed grade.

Impact to the supply chain as the industry starts talking about changes to food production

This is not necessarily about conventional, non-GMO or organic production methods, but about land management practices to improve the organic matter in soil and the regenerative agriculture practices that in turn impact our water, soil, plant and human health.

Catalyzing Producers and Buyers to Grow U.S. Organic Acres

Consumer demand for organic increases while U.S. organic acres sits around 1%. #groworganic

Farmer’s deserve a raise so we are charging less, #wayless

Buyer support and demand for verifiable crop quality has allowed us to re-structure the YieldOrganic Ag Marketplace transaction fee in order to keep more money in farmer’s pockets.

Suicide Awareness in the Agriculture Industry

Stress, struggles and frustration in daily life can take a toll. Listen to some of the warning signs and options on how to get help.

Why Your Voice Matters in American Agriculture

Hear more about the Organic Trade Association’s Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. and Capitol Hill Visits for the 2018 Farm Bill.

Organic Acres and Farmer Succession Planning

Learn how producing organic can positively impact the long-term viability of family farms in America.

Regenerative Agriculture and Its Role at This Year’s Natural Products Expo West

Thea asks the question, what does Regenerative mean to you? Maybe as an industry we will find a standard in the #ROC. Tune in to hear how the word regenerative flowed through the educational tracks as well as the isles of this year’s Natural Products Expo West trade show.

The rising cost of healthcare and how growing organic can save your farm

MOSES Organic Farming Conference | 2018 Recap

Harvest Time | Gratitude: What are you grateful for today?

From the soil up | 2017 Acres U.S.A. conference & trade show recap

Dealing With Adversity with Richard Turner

Made in America: Why it makes sense to grow organic domestically

Testing Your Crops with Brian Hodges from Midwest Labs

Organic Advocate Podcast | Who is YieldOrganic


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At The Organic Advocate, we get real about the challenges and solutions around regenerative agriculture and its impact on nutrition and health. Monthly we get into the weeds to root out and discuss opportunities and challenges around “organic.” Whether you are a farmer considering transitioning to organic production or a large scale commodity buyer tired of ambiguity in sourcing quality organic inputs The Organic Advocate is your source for current information and innovation.

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