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our host, Thea O’Carroll, the founder, CEO, and farmer behind YieldOrganic brings new and interesting topics each month by speaking with a variety of people across the United States.


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Tune in to learn, laugh and leverage insight into the opportunity and impact of growing organic.


The rising cost of healthcare and how growing organic can save your farm

Harvest Time | Gratitude: What are you grateful for today?
From the soil up | 2017 Acres U.S.A. conference & trade show recap

Dealing With Adversity with Richard Turner

Made in America: Why it makes sense to grow organic domestically

Testing Your Crops with Brian Hodges from Midwest Labs

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Your Organic Voice

At The Organic Advocate, we get real about the challenges and solutions around regenerative agriculture and its impact on nutrition and health. Monthly we get into the weeds to root out and discuss opportunities and challenges around “organic.” Whether you are a farmer considering transitioning to organic production or a large scale commodity buyer tired of ambiguity in sourcing quality organic inputs The Organic Advocate is your source for current information and innovation.

If you would like to be a guest on The Organic Advocate, you can connect with us on FaceBook/YieldOrganic and Twitter @yieldorganic using #organicadvocate.

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