Sourcing Solved.

Spend less time procuring and worrying about if what you bought or contracted is what is going to be delivered. YieldOrganic has put quality processes in place to help ensure a relationship with the Farmer is built on trust and transparency for both parties.


Sourcing Through the YieldOrganic Ag Marketplace

  • Quality testing by a certified lab is conducted on Organic and Non-GMO commodities before they are listed for sale to ensure only verified crop quality ™ commodities are sold.
  • All transactions are confidential and kept private until the you decide to purchase the crop and pay the YieldOrganic transaction fee.
  • If they are listing Non-GMO commodities along with the testing report, they upload a copy of their seed bag tags.
  • All prices are based on F.O.B.
  • The opportunity to negotiate on the listed crop price is available if the farmer agrees to it when they list their crop for sale.
  • Once you agree to purchase the commodity, pay the YieldOrganic transaction fee via either credit card or eCheck, the farmer’s organic certification and lab test results along with their contact information is sent to the email address you list when you register.
  • Contact the farmer to arrange delivery.
  • When delivery takes place the farmer is paid minus any necessary adjustments based on your current payment terms.
  • For your reference, all Ad transactions are stored in your dashboard.

A verifiable crop quality ™ process for crops so you don’t have to worry.


The future of agriculture is here! Our Ag Marketplace delivers a consistent supply of both Organic and Non-GMO commodities. Join YieldOrganic and empower farmers to produce all of the Organic and Non-GMO commodities you need.

Contact us with any questions, we are here to help.

Ag Connections At Work

Being able to find what you need and when is a gift.  So is connecting with farmers. This is what we do and do well.  We are not the competition, but exist to catalyze meaningful collaboration between stakeholders across the entire supply chain.

Together we can shape the future of agriculture by meeting your sourcing and sustainability goals.

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We Are Connectors

Through Ag Connections Yield Organic is actively engaged and connecting to food and feed organizations, Land management companies, Ag associations, input suppliers, and Ag financing organizations. Above these connections, there are a myriad of ways we can work together. Let’s talk.


Custom Sourcing

YieldOrganic’s Ag Connections is a service offered above and beyond sourcing crops through the YieldOrganic Ag Marketplace. Depending on needs, the service can be performance-based or through retainer for structured Ag marketing deliverables connecting you to farmers that fit your sourcing profile.

Reach out to let us know that you might be interested in making an Ag Connection.