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It’s Not Too Late.

“With high demand and domestic supply shortages, the need to import organic field crops has increased.” How American farmers respond to this is important to the future of US Agriculture. Many might think or wonder if it’s too late for domestic organic producers to respond and fill the gap between supply and demand of organic crops being purchased by buyers. Bottom line—it is important to know.

Having information available to know the facts of how much we are currently producing and how much is being imported will help shed light on the truth that it’s not too late to be an organic producer.


The U.S. is the top grower of corn and soybeans in the world, and yet we are importing these products because about 90 percent of U.S. corn and soybeans are genetically modified, and thus, cannot be certified as organic. As a result…


of soybeans from India more than doubled to $73.8 million, according to Bloomberg News.


of Romanian corn rose to $11.6 million in 2014 from $545,000 the year before.

Farmers stand at the beginning of the food chain. Our mission is to help farmers maximize their number one asset, their land. YieldOrganic supports and encourages your transition to Organic/Non-GMO farming methods through shared experiences, connections, trust, testing and delivery.

We have put together an eBook titled 2016 State of Organic: Field Crops Edition to help remove ambiguity around organic imports.

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Learn more about why the United States is importing a substantial amount of organic large scale commodities. Look at the current trends, and know you can be competitive in a changing agricultural industry.
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