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As farmers ourselves, we know first hand the obstacles when producing, marketing and buying Non-GMO and Organic large scale commodities. Our main goal is to provide guidance and connections for those making the transition to Organic as well as those already producing organic crops.

The Organic Advocate Podcast

Tune in each month to hear the latest from your host, Thea O’Carroll the Founder, CEO & Farmer behind YieldOrganic on The Organic Advocate Podcast. We get real about the challenges and solutions around organic agriculture all the way from good seed to great nutrition. To bring you the latest we speak with a variety of people from across the United States.

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The YieldOrganic Newsletter

The Organic Advocate Newsletter endeavors to inform and connect you with organic agriculture news, events, innovation, opportunities and thought leadership around U.S. Agriculture focused on Organic and Non-GMO.

The U.S. organic market is fueled by domestic consumers and should be sourced from American farmers first!

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Organic Events Calendar

Are you staying up to date with organic events in your area?

There are a myriad of organic events that take place across the United States and the world each month. The learning and network events range from field days, farmer conferences, and large expos that gather up to 80,000 people at a single event. Depending on what you desire to learn and topics that you feel will help to expand your learning horizons check out the upcoming organic events.

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The new Ag Marketplace REOPENED

Did you know about the new app bidding feature? check out ads, see if the price is right and start your negotiation!

New to the Ag Marketplace? Now is the time to sign up! As a farmer you post an ad for free to connect with buyers and transact for free. As a buyer this is a flexible, fixed cost, performance solution. The transaction fee is only 3%, more than 50% off of the original fee.

Farmers sign up and transact FOR FREE


Because we are busy working all of the time, it is easy to feel left out on opportunities. What if you were to reach out and those opportunities were brought to you? How nice would it be if you were able to come to one location and find a variety of options available for you on the table to be explored?

Ag Connections is a hub that brings people together through available opportunities within the Non-GMO, Transitional and Organic Ag industry.

The reason we bring a variety of companies together is because we believe each farm, situation and need is unique.  

Through Ag Connections, companies are able to offer you a variety of their growing contracts, financing options, and inputs for organic production.  This section changes and is updated as the seasons and offerings change. Please note, this is paid for advertising and should not be considered an endorsement.