Bringing Farmers and Buyers Together

Market and Sell both Organic and Non-GMO Commodities in One Place

We bring farmers and buyers together. Both sides value transparency and quality and YieldOrganic delivers both. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that both Organic and Non-GMO large-scale commodities sold will be accepted at the delivery point.

No curve balls just good business.

Your Time is Important

Experience the simplicity of being able to market and sell Organic or Non-GMO large-scale commodities in one place. Both Farmers and Buyers know there is transparency in the transaction mitigating surprises.

Simple by Design

Setting the price for your own crop is unusual in the agricultural industry. It usually requires calling around to determine the going price and to understand who is willing to buy at that time. YieldOrganic’s platform puts simplicity into the process by providing you with USDA reports that are updated in your Dashboard to give you general pricing guidelines. Having good information on hand to inform your price up front takes some of the ambiguity out of the process.

Quality Results in Trust

Buyers gravitate towards YieldOrganic because we help Producers deliver verifiable crop quality™.  All a Farmer needs to do is have their crop tested at a certified lab prior to posting an ad.  Both Producer and Buyer know there is transparency in the transaction resulting in no surprises period.

  • Test


    Farmer test both Organic and Non-GMO commodities at a certified lab

  • Post Ad


    Farmer posts an ad


  • Negotiate


    (New Feature) Farmer and Buyer can negotiate

  • Purchase


    Buyer agrees to purchase the commodity and pays the YieldOrganic fee to be able to complete the transaction with the farmer

  • Delivery


    Buyer contacts Farmer to arrange delivery of the commodities


  • Payment


    Buyer pays Farmer directly for their commodities minus any necessary adjustments


Visibility is important in this process, for example when your crop is receiving offers, YieldOrganic keeps you informed by email notifications.

Access to YieldOrganic’s Ag Marketplace is free.

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