How Much Work Is It Really?

Work = Force x Distance

In physics, work “results when a force acts upon an object to cause motion.”

In choosing to grow Organic, the farmer is the force moving through questions, education, information, decisions, certification, paperwork and ultimately, the commitment to work the field. The answer to the question of “How Much Work Is It Really?” will depend on the crop that is planted.

The estimated time outside of the field for 80 Organic acres would be roughly 30 hours or 3 1/2 days spent on additional paperwork. “In the field, weed and insect control are more time consuming than conventional methods since spraying chemicals is not an option in Organic production.” Other factors can also be added into the work equation depending on the crop:

  • Field cultivation (tilling)
  • Fertilizing
  • Weeds
  • Planting and Harvesting (same as conventional)
  • Cleaning equipment and bins

Overall – “on a year when there’s 40 acres of alfalfa planted along with 40 acres of either beans or corn planted, there would be an extra 57 hours of work above the time required to produce conventional crops.” (Grow Organic: A Farmer’s Guide)

YieldOrganic offers education, support and encouragement through the transition to Organic/Non-GMO farming methods through shared experiences, connections, trust, testing and delivery. As with any process, there is a learning curve and a continuous tweaking of the process. Our intention is to help you maximize your number one asset, your land.

YieldOrganic shares lessons learned in order to transition from conventional to Organic/Non-GMO crop production in the Grow Organic: A Farmer’s Guide.

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