Marketing Organic Crops


Multiple buyers are working through YieldOrganic and desire to source from American farmers first. They are interested in helping farmers expand organic acres across the United States to meet their growing demand. Understanding the impact of their purchasing power and what supporting farmers means to rural economies. Both farmers and buyers realize that to help, we have to provide support and an outlet for farmers to work through so they can get back to work growing the crops that consumers are requesting.

Selling vs. Marketing


When someone is considering transitioning to organic or is already running an organic farm, the most common things that cause trepidation on this production method are weeds and marketing the crops. Which is nothing like selling conventional.

Marketing organic is literally that, “marketing” a crop to find a buyer at the right price, location, and time. Without using a board of trade to inform the price, as a farmer, we are required to call around to businesses to see if they are currently buying, if not when they might be interested, and a price they have in mind. Taking that information to help decide if the deal is ready or needs more work. Marketing organic is a time-intensive process, even if you know whom to call. What almost can feel worse is wondering if they, the buyers you called, are going to return your call. In the meantime, one is thinking, “do I move on or wait for a maybe.”


A Solution To Marketing Organic Crops

For most of us going through life, you don’t know what you don’t know until you have had the experience. So most tend to tread lightly or don’t make a move at all because it can feel like the risk is too big.

Who knew that the process could be less tedious. Others may find it hard, nuanced, and a learning experience, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Five reasons why marketing organic crops through the YieldOrganic Ag Marketplace can be beneficial:

  • The visibility of more buyers knowing you have a high-quality crop for sale.
  • No risk to take action and do something different to market crops.
  • Having extra time in the day by not having to be on the phone dialing around looking for deals.
  • Being informed by knowing that the quality of the crops that have been produced is empowering.
  • Free for farmers to list crops and transact, a tool built for farmers and buyers by a farmer.

Depending on your comfort level with the internet you might wonder who is YieldOrganic and why should I trust them with my crops. YieldOrganic is farmer owned and operated plus we have been through the hoops of marketing our own organic crops. Leading to the creation of an endeavor to help others remove the barriers to marketing and selling their organic crop

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