Now is the time to start the journey of selling your crops


Harvest time is historically a reminder of hard work and toil for the year that has come to fruition. A time when the air is crisp, the bins are full and the bounty of the season is here.



We would like to say thank you for everything that you do with a coupon for testing your organic and Non-GMO crops at Midwest Labs as well as a Free membership to our platform.



Test your organic and Non-GMO crops for

$30 per sample

Normally $175

Get a free Premium membership for life

Worth over $600


The first 500 people that sign up for the YieldOrganic platform receive a free Premium membership for life. Providing you with a discounted transaction fee and the opportunity to post ads to sell your crops for free.



To take advantage of this offer we have designed the process into five easy steps to have your crops tested and then list them for sale:

step one

Sign up here for the YieldOrganic online marketing platform for free

step two

Obtain your coupon code when you log into your account on the YieldOrganic marketing platform

step three

Have your organic or Non-GMO crops tested at Midwest Labs at a discounted rate of $30 per sample

step four

Upload the test results to your YieldOrganic Account

step five

Create and post ads to list your crops for sale before March 2018

The fine print


We are passionate about providing opportunities that you may not even know exist unless a moment is taken to connect. By bringing organic producers and buyers together YieldOrganic offers the chance to explore new marketing possibilities for your farm.

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