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5 Things You Need To Know To Create An Organic Production Budget For Bank Approval

In our efforts to create awareness and insight around the organic category we kept coming across financing as a significant hurdle for many organic producers. So we put together a helpful guide to creating an organic production budget for bank approval. At YieldOrganic we believe that transitioning and continuing to grow organic is an excellent opportunity for American farmers because buyers prefer to source domestically.

A lot of financial institutions are unfamiliar with the Non-GMO and Organic factors that influence their underwriting decisions. To help remove this barrier we researched and shortlisted elements necessary to create an organic production budget for bank approval.

  1. Transitional Crop Prices
  2. USDA Forecasts
  3. Inputs
  4. Organic Prices 
  5. Crop Insurance

There is a high demand for Organic. Take the opportunity- it’s yours.