Farmers of Organic/Non-GMO.

We are here to help you maximize your number one asset, your land. We have put quality processes in place to help ensure relationships with Buyers are built on trust and transparency.

How it Works

  • As a member you have access to a list of resources and blogs to help you through your transition process. We continue to add to these areas as we gain insight and have shared experiences.
  • All transactions are confidential and kept private until the time of sale.
  • You set the price for your crop. To support you with your decision, RSS feeds from the USDA AMS (Agricultural Marketing Service) are provided on the Producer’s Dashboard for your reference.
  • All transactions are priced as F.O.B.
  • To ensure you get paid for your crop the buyer puts money in escrow the moment they decide to make the purchase. Once the crop is delivered the funds are released from escrow and put into your checking account.
  • Through transparency in quality, commodities do not need to be rejected at the point of sale. You will use a certified lab to know the quality of your crop before it is listed for sale which ensures only quality Organic/Non-GMO commodities are being sold.
  • For your reference all transactions are stored in your dashboard.

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