Connecting Farmers

We are here to help you maximize your number one asset, your land. We have put quality processes in place to help ensure relationships with Buyers are built on trust and transparency.

Marketing and Selling Through the YieldOrganic Ag Marketplace

  • As a member you have access to a list of resources and blogs to help you through your transition process. We continue to add to these areas as we gain insight and have shared experiences.
  • All transactions are confidential and kept private until the buyer decides to purchase the crop and pays the YieldOrganic transaction fee.
  • To support you with your decision, the USDA AMS (Agricultural Marketing Service) releases bi-weekly price reports that are linked on the Ag Marketplace Dashboard for your reference.
  • All transactions are priced as F.O.B.
  • You also have the opportunity to allow, potentially multiple buyers to negotiate the price with you. You can also choose to set your price as non-negotiable.
  • Once the price has been agreed upon and the buyer agrees to purchase the crop, pays the YieldOrganic transaction fee, the buyer will contact you to arrange for the crop to be picked up.
  • When the crop is delivered, payment minus any necessary adjustments will be made based on the buyer’s payment terms.
  • Through transparency in quality, commodities do not need to be rejected at the point of sale. You will use a certified lab to know the verified crop quality ™ of your crop before it is listed for sale which ensures only quality commodities are being sold. (1)
  • For your reference, all Ad transactions are stored in your dashboard.

How Ag Connections Works

One of the benefits of being a farmer is the fact that we have the flexibility to farm “our way.” At times that can also be one of the scariest things because it can feel like there is a lot at risk when we try something new or the market is moving forward without me. To help with bridging the gap of trying something new it is nice to know that someone is on my side, there are options are available to help with the change and that I can leverage YieldOrganic’s network for my benefit.

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We Are Connectors

Through Ag Connections Yield Organic is actively engaged and connecting to food and feed organizations, Land management companies, Ag associations, input suppliers, and Ag financing organizations. This is what we do and do well.


We Believe In Supporting Farmers

YieldOrganic does not currently charge farmers to connect with opportunities. All farmers need to do is be open to options, tell us a little about your current operation, and then decide what will work best for the farm.

Agriculture is shifting and your farm can benefit from this powerful trend

Join the many farmers that grow and sell Organic for 2-3X the price of conventional farming. There is strong demand towards transitioning to organic farming. Contact us to see how YieldOrganic delivers a reliable, safe, and convenient way to market both Organic and Non-GMO crops.