A Path to Soil Health and Food Independence

Farmer's Footprint has partnered with Yield Organic in order to cultivate deeper connections between Regenerative farmers and discerning brands demanding the highest quality ingredients.  Tap into our growing network of producers who are committed to stewardship of our most precious natural resource, our soil.


Why YieldOrganic

As farmers ourselves, we know first hand the obstacles when producing, marketing, and buying Organic, Regenerative, and Non-GMO crops. Our primary goal is to provide guidance and connections for both brands and farmers. The options on how and why connecting with farmers may be important to your business is unique, and so are the solutions that we confidentially provide.

Our Mission

Knowing Farmers stand at the beginning of the food chain, our mission is to help farmers maximize their number one asset, their land and our definition of success is taking good seed to great nutrition ™.

Get Ag Connected

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