What are the problems we are solving at YieldOrganic?

As farmers ourselves, we know first hand the obstacles when producing, marketing and buying Organic/Non-GMO large scale commodities. Our main goal is to provide guidance for those making the transition to Organic production and connect farmers and buyers in one simple platform.

Our Platform

For Producers

  • Testing is done up front by the Producer at a certified lab to ensure only quality commodities are listed for sale.
  • Set the price for your crop.  To support you with your decision, RSS feeds from the USDA AMS (Agricultural Marketing Service) are provided on the Producer’s Dashboard for your reference.
  • When your commodity is purchased shipping is arranged for your convenience
  • Funds from the Buyer are put in escrow to ensure payment and are released when the commodity is delivered

For Buyers

  • Testing by a certified lab is conducted on the commodity before it is listed for sale to ensure only quality commodities are sold.
  • Utilize your own shipping fleet or secure the estimated shipping that can be arranged through the platform.
  • Agree to purchase the commodity
  • Put the funds in a secure escrow account
  • Once delivery takes place the funds are released from escrow and the Producer is paid

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Terminology

Go Organic

YieldOrganic is by your side as you transition from conventional to Organic/Non-GMO production. All the way from understanding Where Do I Start, to going through Common Concerns That Are Raised, the Lessons we have Learned and openly sharing Our Financials from field years 2014, 2015 and 2016. With concise information, the transition isn’t as daunting as you may think.

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