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The Ag Marketplace

For Buyers

  • Quality testing by a certified lab is conducted on Organic and Non-GMO commodities before they are listed for sale to ensure only verified crop quality™ commodities are sold.
  • All transactions are confidential and kept private until the you decide to purchase the crop and pay the YieldOrganic transaction fee.
  • If they are listing Non-GMO commodities along with the testing report, they upload a copy of their seed bag tags.
  • All prices are based on F.O.B.
  • Once you agree to purchase the commodity, pay the YieldOrganic transaction fee via either credit card or eCheck, the farmer’s organic certification and lab test results along with their contact information is sent to the email address you list when you register.
  • When delivery takes place the farmer is paid minus any necessary adjustments based on your current payment terms.
  • For your reference, all Ad transactions are stored in your dashboard.

For Farmers

  • As a member you have access to a list of resources and blogs to help you through your transition process. We continue to add to these areas as we gain insight and have shared experiences.
  • All transactions are confidential and kept private until the buyer decides to purchase the crop and pays the YieldOrganic transaction fee.
  • You set the price for your crop. To support you with your decision, the USDA AMS (Agricultural Marketing Service) releases bi-weekly price reports that are linked on the Ag Marketplace Dashboard for your reference.
  • All transactions are priced as F.O.B.
  • You also have the opportunity to allow, potentially multiple buyers to negotiate the price with you. You can also choose to set your price as non-negotiable.
  • Once the price has been agreed upon and the buyer agrees to purchase the crop, pays the YieldOrganic transaction fee, the buyer will contact you to arrange for the crop to be picked up.
  • Through transparency in quality, commodities do not need to be rejected at the point of sale. You will use a certified lab to know the verified crop quality (TM) of your crop before it is listed for sale which ensures only quality commodities are being sold.
  • For your reference, all Ad transactions are stored in your dashboard.

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YieldOrganic is by your side as you transition from conventional to either Organic or Non-GMO production. All the way from understanding Where Do I Start, to going through Common Concerns That Are Raised, the Lessons we have Learned and openly sharing Our Financials from field years 2014, 2015 and 2016. With concise information, the transition isn’t as daunting as you may think.

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