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One of the challenges in the industry can be buyers wondering why farmers do not grow what they need and farmers saying, I will grow whatever you want me to grow just tell me what that is.

“Why aren’t farmers growing what we need?”

“I will grow whatever you want. Just tell me what you want.”



Ag Possible

We are thoughtfully working to create community in American agriculture by catalyzing connections that move our industry towards positive change. Meeting buyer demand to source quality crops results in increased farmer profitability and longevity. American farmers are independent, resilient, and care about their land. They leverage experience, equipment, and opportunity to move past the challenge to grow quality crops profitably. Through Ag Possible YieldOrganic is working to introduce opportunities and connect industry stakeholders, especially farmers, to information, products, and new growing practices.

Through communication good things happen

We find out what buyers need to source and we find farmers willing to grow

We are good at connecting people in Agriculture, it’s what we do. By bringing opportunities and building community in American agriculture with food and feed organizations, farm products and service providers; even Ag finance organizations we are able to help meet sourcing demand for quality crops from American farmers.


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Custom Experience & Unique Solutions

The options on how and why connecting with farmers may be important to your business is unique and so are the solutions that we confidentially provide.

Examples of concerns we have heard from the industry:

How do I connect with and source from farmers interested in producing crops utilizing regenerative practices?
We are considering creating a new product line and need a dedicated supply chain, is there an optimal way to put that in place?

Once we have someone interested in using regenerative practices how do we measure the results?
With limited amounts of organic feed grade crops available for livestock, is it possible to find sources for them domestically?
We have a new farm product or service and would like to share it with farmers, is there a way to do that?

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