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Purpose Drives Us Forward

I grew up on the farm, and there are few things as beautiful as nature, the essences of it, and land that you never forget. By the time I was ten I had experienced butterflies, spice and everything that makes a girl nice and on the flip side, I had also experienced a barn fire that prematurely crisped my first farm project into inedible bacon.
“we moved away brokenhearted”
A tornado that wiped everything off the farm except the house we were in at the time, and a year later my father was diagnosed with cancer and passed within a year. My brother and I were too young to farm or be a part of the decision to stay or move; we moved away brokenhearted.

As I got older, I went to college and earned a marketing degree and became a product developer and project manager for large corporations. Yet the tugs and feelings of the family farming business were ever present.

“there is nothing that can describe the feeling of home”
Therefore, when my Mom started to become concerned about what was going to happen to the family business, I asked to become more involved and I did.

I have to say; there is nothing that can describe the feeling of home when I am on the farm; this fueled my passion and efforts to improve our farming practices.

“I thought to myself who has that kind of time!”
We started our transition to organic over 10 years ago. After becoming responsible for our marketing efforts, I realized how hard it is for farmers and buyers to find each other and the timing of when a farmer is prepared to sell and when a buyer is ready to transact.

After spending over 40 hours on the phone over the duration of a month, notwithstanding arranging shipping or the time it took to wait for payment, I thought to myself who has that kind of time!

Having a product development background made it impossible to ignore the fact that we, in agriculture, could have a better process. Having that feeling of farming running through my veins and conviction getting stronger each year, I looked at creating an online platform as a way I could help and be a part of the industry.

“…farming running through my veins”
I quit consulting as a project manager and moved full time into the development of YieldOrganic. In developing the platform, it felt essential to create it with both the farmer and buyer in mind. We feel that the currency of the future is trust;
so by design, our simple platform instills trust into each transaction.

Our Mission

Knowing Farmers stand at the beginning of the food chain, our mission is to help farmers maximize their number one asset, their land and our definition of success is taking good seed to great nutrition ™.

Implementing what we believe in came with challenges.

  • If we build it, will they come?

  • How are organic and Non-GMO commodities marketed?

  • What about all of the inputs that will be needed?

  • How much work is it really?

It has truly been an evolutionary process that is continually unfolding. Hardly experts, but weathered by the learning curve, the desire to share and take away some of the pain points for others led to the development of YieldOrganic.

Let’s Work Together!

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