A Hemp Conference for Farmers

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A week doesn’t go by that I am asked by farmers, buyers, and suppliers about the hemp business. I have heard the good stories, crazy adventures, and, unfortunately, the ones that did not go so well too. The resounding thing that comes through as the undercurrent in these conversations is that people are looking for information and connections. I facilitate where I can, knowing what it is like to go through change. Bringing people together is part of our DNA at YieldOrganic.

Think Big And Act Incrementally

When setting goals for our farms, we often think about what is possible in a general sense because we know that we are skilled in farming and can grow just about anything. This is our critical skill. In a rush to not miss the wave of what we hear is a path to profitability it is easy to skip past crucial incremental steps of a strategic farm plan, from sourcing clean, high-quality seeds, the courage it takes to change the way we may grow to optimize the harvest, and how to store the crop. When we say we want to make more money, what is that number, what is it going to take to get there? Have we taken a moment to analyze the numbers to make sure a new crop is the best option? The trade-off is time and knowing whom to contact or read up on to find answers.

On the flip side, not getting stuck in the meantime if you are not 100% sure.  As you take action toward doing something new it is o.k. to make changes along the way.  That’s when as farmers we are able to take a breath and really look at where we are and take note of what revisions might need to be made the next time.  When we get clear here on the next steps, everything gets easier. We tend to do this inherently as we go through a growing season.

Connecting People

Help through YieldOrganic comes in a variety of ways. Sometimes the best path is through the Ag Marketplace, and at other times it may be through the Ag Possible channel.

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Ag Marketplace

YieldOrganic’s online solution to connect producers and buyers of Non-GMO, Non-GMO project verified, organic, or regenerative crops that have been grown or have already been planted. A few of the benefits are:

    • Indicate to the buyer you are ready to sell by listing the crop for sale. 
    • Work directly with the buyer once both parties agree to the transaction.
    • Ability to negotiate on the price and delivery dates.
    • Quality Crops; GMO and mycotoxin panel test required on crops by a third-party certified lab before they are listed for sale.
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Ag Possible™

YieldOrganic’s custom solution that provides a way for brands and buyers to engage with farmers. This venue is literally limitless and completely customizable to be able to offer unique business-specific solutions for companies and source from domestic farmers. The following are a few examples of current requests:

    • Several brands would like to expand their organic product line. They each have a need to contract with additional organic farmers to grow their custom grain in a specific region based around the ideal growing area and their processing facilities.
    • A brand is overhauling its entire supply chain and replacing it with their custom contracts for farmers to provide a dedicated organic supply of the crops they are desiring.
    • A brand is requiring a search for new custom growers to work with a program created by YieldOrganic to increase nutrient density, sequester carbon, increase biodiversity, and help farmers transition to organic and regenerative practices.  
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Farmer Advocates

We are also advocates within the industry and work to connect people to education and information resources. There is a conference being developed in Greely, Colorado, May 18th and 19th, 2020, specifically for farmers. Their aim is to solve in-the-field problems and can be an excellent way to expand a skillset.


Being a hands on learner myself, I enjoy the fact that the program includes a tour of local hemp farms and processing facilities before the full day of education sessions that will be presented by industry experts.

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Advancing Industrial Hemp 2020