3 Step Solution To Market and Sell Organic Crops

It Is Easier To Get The Job Done Than You May Think 

I am thankful for coming from a farming community. Lessons learned early on helped mold me into who I am and fueled my passion for Ag and how American farmers essentially feed our nation. Farmers are resilient and purpose-driven.  If you don’t have tenacity, you probably will not make it very far because it is likely that you will be met with various challenges throughout the day.

So when it comes to thinking about transitioning towards organic production, it is not the skillset or experience that makes some farmer’s hesitant but the biggest concerns farmers share with me are weeds, marketing, and selling the crops that will be grown.  Many farmers focus too long on the challenges or unknowns and think of these as barriers which if left unattended, can become excuses to quit or never start. The truth is that the numbers not only add up, but the benefits of transitioning are both short-term and long-term to the farm, land, and legacy.

“Enough is enough” to Doing something about it!

I found myself complaining about these very things as a farmer the first years we were transitioning to organic.  Until one day I actually heard myself complaining and wondered why I was willing to let these perceived barriers be a continual pain point of negative conversations or relating to why not to continue the transition to go organic.  That combined with the coffee shop conversation of others thinking I was crazy for trying, that things would be out of control or I would be sitting in a weed patch were uncomfortable. Being a farmer and having had this very challenge, I decided to do something about it.  It got to the point where I went to farm shows across the U.S. looking for an answer, and without even having to bring up the topic, there would be someone else talking about the marketing and sale process that they were going through. 

What Do I Need To Do To Market and Sell Organic Crops?  

The good thing is that with the advancement of technology, it is easier to find the information and connections that we need.  In my case, frustration drove innovation and out of the desire to remove the barriers for everyone to be able to market and sell their Non-GMO, organic, and regenerative crops, YieldOrganic was born.  Part of the company consists of an online Ag Marketplace that is a free tool for farmers to use. It only takes a couple of minutes to become a member by signing up and creating an account.  

After becoming a YieldOrganic Ag Marketplace member, there are three steps to marketing and selling organic crops.  

3 Step Solution

Step 1 – Get Quality Badges

Let buyers know what you have for sale by following a Verified Crop Quality process.  No one wants to be rejected at the delivery point, and no one wants to be behind the eightball when they need quality crops delivered.  By having a third-party certified lab run a PCR or ddPCR test for a GMO contamination level as well as a mycotoxin test especially aflatoxin for corn will ensure you are informed with the quality of the crops that are for sale as well as to let the buyer know what to anticipate they will be receiving at delivery.

Step 2 – Post Ads/Fulfill Ads

Once you have the verified crop quality test results back from the lab, you are ready to post an Ad to sell your crops or fulfill an Ad listed by a buyer seeking a specific crop.  For example, providing the quality, crop type, volume, zip code for location, delivery dates, price, and deciding if you would like to negotiate or have a fixed cost “buy now” Ad are a few of the things will start the marketing process when listing a crop for sale. 

Step 3 – Sell

When posting an Ad, the ability to negotiate on price and delivery dates is an option.  There is also a choice if you prefer to have a fixed cost and delivery dates when setting up an Ad as “buy now.” The ability to negotiate provides flexibility during a conversation to see what is possible. The price, as well as the delivery dates, can be negotiated.  Once both parties come to terms on the price and delivery dates, the buyer pays the YieldOrganic connection fee, and the crop is sold.

Once the crop is sold, both the buyers and the producer’s contact information will be provided so they will be able to coordinate the pick-up times and once delivered, the buyer pays the producer directly.


Buyers want to source domestically first, but to help them do that, let’s tell them what we have available for sale.  The YieldOrganic Ag Marketplace is free for farmers, available 24/7, and you can actively negotiate with buyers through any device. Posting an Ad is straightforward and saves you time.

Recent Enhancements to the YieldOrganic Ag Marketplace

No cost to transact for farmers

• Farmers deserve a raise, not more expenses.

Live bidding/negotiation

• Get the deal done faster. No more phone-tag saves you time.

SMS text notifications

• Timing is important. Receive critical deal information swiftly.

Do you have organic crops ready for sale?  Find yourself challenged on finding a buyer?  It doesn’t have to be hard.  

Listen to our podcast: Welcome to YieldOrganic’s Ag Marketplace 2.0


Curiosity and questions are a good thing. We would like the opportunity to walk you through the process, answer questions, and there is no obligation. Contact us. It is simply a great conversation to learn more about something new, convenient, and easy to use.